An EI60 fire-resistant mullion-transom curtain wall system (point glass fixing method variant)


  • smooth external surface of the curtain wall
  • shortened assembly time due to rotating glazing supports
  • silicone joint between glazing units offers a tight and elegant finish
  • intumescent tapes protecting thermal spacers and sealing the joint between the structure and glazing units
  • mullion profile depth 85-196 mm
  • transom profile depth 91-201 mm
  • DGUs and TGUs may be used
  • unlimited structure width and height
  • EI60 structures using fire-resistant aluminosilicate inserts
  • angled curtain walls with glazed or non-transparent corner solutions possible

  • Aluminium profiles EN AW-6060 in acc. with EN 573-3, T66 temper in acc. with EN 515
  • Mullion and transom depth mullions: 85 - 196 mm, transoms: 91 - 201 mm
  • Mullion and transom width 52 mm
  • Filling fire resistant IGUs or non-transparent panels 47-75 mm
  • Air permeability class AE 2100
  • Watertightness class RE 2700
  • Classification 1561/19/R118NZP/ENG + annex 1561/20/R136NZP/ENG + annex 1561/21/R143NZP/ENG
  • Approvals and quality certificates
    1. classification no LZE04-01561/19/R126NZE/EN
    2. 01561/16/R83NZP "Assessmment of fire spread across PONZIO PF152 curtain walls and glazed roofs"
    3. 1561/19/R118NZP/ENG + annex 1561/20/R136NZP/ENG + annex 1561/21/R143NZP/ENG "Classification of fire resistance of curtain walls in full configuration and in part configuration of PONZIO PF152 system of PONZIO POLSKA Sp. z o. o."
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Ponzio PF152ESG cl. EI60

Ponzio PF152ESG cl. EI60