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Energy efficiency & Eco-friendliness

By choosing aluminium joinery we indirectly help to protect the environment. The durability and strength of aluminium ensures a long product lifetime of windows and doors. Aluminium structures also feature high thermal insulation parameters. Energy efficient and passive solutions guarantee a high overall energy efficiency of the whole building. Large dimensions of windows give access to phenomenal views as well as copious amounts of daylight, which is essential to the wellness of end users, but also provides natural lighting and heating of interior spaces.

Easy maintenance and cleaning of aluminium structures decreases the need for cleaning agents which also helps to protect the environment. And finally, aluminium can be fully recycled without losing its parameters.

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Comfort & Safety

In order to feel safe in our homes, we need to provide protection against burglary, fires, but also noise or excessive sun exposure. Technological progress allows us to rest easy, as modern smart home solutions make the home take care of household members by itself. Making the house safe and secure requires investment in burglary protection (up to class RC4), fire resistant, emergency exit and panic locking solutions. Modern front doors are equipped with various types of electronic “keys” allowing opening them remotely (by using your phone), e.g. for your children coming back from school.

Automatic window drives (remote ventilation, opening and closing of patio doors) greatly increase user comfort. Management of sunlight exposure (automatic movable louvers) provides great energy savings.

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Quality & Reliability

Aluminium is a durable yet easily worked material that allows the use of the highest quality surface finishes. Coating and anodising finishes are covered by the proper Qualicoat and Qualanod quality certificates, allowing the manufacturers to grant a multiannual quality guarantee (subject to proper usage and maintenance). A properly finished aluminium surfaces is resistant to weather conditions and corrosion, are not damaged by moisture, heat and frost, is easy to use, maintain and clean.

Aluminium, as a material, ensures reliability of use as well. Aluminium structures exhibit perfect mechanical characteristics - they are very stable and durable. Aluminium is also very light (three times lighter than steel) while not requiring additional reinforcement as opposed to PVC.

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Aesthetics & Design

Aluminium is widely considered as synonymous with aesthetics and elegance as it allows nearly endless possibilities for designers and manufacturers. From various window shapes (e.g. arched, trapezoidal, round), profile finish shapes (straight, rounded, narrow), wide range of available accessories to surface finishes available in any colour. Apart from the rich RAL palette of colours, customers can choose wood effect coating and structural coating.

Aluminium joinery lends itself to any style. It suits particularly well to modern architecture with open spaces, large glazings, minimalist finishes and modern design (e.g. in panel doors).

Renovation solutions are perfect for loft spaces (narrow, industrial profiles, loft-type glazed partitions).

Aluminium doors and windows are also used successfully in classic, stylish interiors - traditional appearance is achieved thanks to arched windows, muntin bars and classic design panel doors.

The wide range of styles coupled with the exceptional characteristics of the material provide the desired effect - comfort and end-user satisfaction for many years to come

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