30 years
on the Polish market

As a consequence of the acquisition of Ponzio Polska by the Laumann Group in April 2023 - from the beginning of 2024 we have changed the name of the company and our products to PROCURAL. Under this brand, we will continue to consistently develop our range of aluminium systems, which have already gained market recognition over 30 years and are synonymous with high quality.

We are a company with several decades of experience in designing and developing modern, environmentally friendly aluminium joinery systems. We have successfully completed numerous projects in Poland and abroad. The experience we have gained allows us to create energy-efficient and modern façades that fit in the contemporary architectural landscape.

Regular investments in infrastructure resulted in dynamic company growth over the years. It is thanks to them that we continue to increase our potential and effectiveness. The growth of the company is mirrored by a growth of staff. Our highly qualified personnel is always at your disposal at every step of the projects you undertake.

We constantly strive for perfection in all our actions. We offer the best sales support, starting with the design phase, through approvals and all the way to a timely delivery of ordered products.

We cooperate with architects, manufacturers, general contractors. Individual investors can also count on us to offer assistance in making the right decisions. The PROCURAL brand (formerly Ponzio) ensures advanced engineering solutions and the best possible product performances. This means that our offer fulfils the requirements of even the most demanding customers.



Our main goal is developing innovative products and ensuring their highest quality. We strive to achieve perfect service and support of all our partners. Our unique and very effective customer service system supported by our modern logistics centre is what distinguishes us. Specialists from the technical and project support departments will help implement even the most complicated projects. Our engineers always coordinate with the sales department to ensure the best possible outcome. It is thanks to the good organisation of the company that we have achieved a strong presence on the European markets, where we are among the leaders of aluminium joinery system suppliers.


Our company consistently emphasises combining economic benefits with a pro-environment stance in all areas of our activities. We use recycled aluminium and other resources that can be reprocessed in order to protect the environment and fight with climate change. We want to do our part in ending environmental degradation and slowing, or maybe even stopping the climate changes that we are witnessing all around the globe.

Participating in protecting the environment is a natural part of our operations. We undertake real actions motivated by our environmental responsibility which is confirmed by proper certification, including Environmental Product Declarations. By creating environmentally friendly, durable and energy efficient solutions, we do our part in creating sustainable development.

Due to the enormous commitment of the entirety of our staff, our products are synonymous with prestige and buildings featuring our aluminium systems are beneficial to their users. The benefits are both financial, thanks to energy efficient solutions, and non-material – comfort, enjoyment and satisfaction due to taking proper care of the environment. We are proud that we create modern cityscapes and welcoming interiors together with our Partners and Customers.


Thank you for your trust!