Sales Department

Services a network of several hundred customers – aluminium joinery manufacturers. It includes the export department which employs staff well versed in specifics of European markets.

Dział Handlowy

Technical Department

Designs and implements new solutions, modifies and improves existing systems, supports joinery manufacturers, conducts customer training.

Research and Development

A part of the Technical Department is responsible for preparing and carrying out tests both in our in-house laboratory and in renowned European research institutes.

Project Coordination Department

Works with design bureaus, suggests system solutions, prepares bespoke solutions for a given project.

Acquisitions Department

Responsible for purchasing mill finish aluminium profiles and system accessories. Cooperates with suppliers, ensures continuity of supply, maintains proper stock levels.

Dział Zaopatrzenia

Quality Control Department

Oversees the manufacturing process in order to guarantee the highest quality of end products. Every step of the process is strictly controlled in our laboratories. From precise measurements of delivered profiles to testing end products on the window, door and curtain wall test rig.

Kontrola jakości

Coating Department

Our machinery park consists several advanced manufacturing lines, including a wood effect coating line and a state-of-the-art vertical powder coating line. Our production facilities are very efficient, which helps greatly reduce lead times.



Among the largest high-bay profile warehouses in the industry. The new warehouse management system resulted in an improved order processing speed as well as an increased quantity of profiles in standard colours available in stock.


Manages the operations of our own transport fleet, ensures timely deliveries to both domestic and foreign customers. The logistics centre coordinates the customer service processes, ensuring delivery timeliness and continuity, while IT systems minimise work time for orders.


Public Relations

Creates the company image by communicating with industry media and all company partners. Prepares and publishes marketing materials, plans and oversees advertising campaigns, maintains online communication channels (website, YouTube, Facebook). Organises company events and manages company presence at industry events.