Aluminium is one of the most durable construction materials, it doesn’t deteriorate over time, it doesn’t change after years of use and keeps its initial appearance.



Mechanical properties - stability, stiffness, durability allow the construction of large dimension structures.

Neutralność klimatyczna

Climate neutrality

PROCURAL shall include in its business strategy clear actions and plans regarding gradually decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. As a company, we value the implementation of European Green Deal principles and caring about the climate and the natural environment..



Aluminium is a material that can be recycled multiple times without losing its properties. Aluminium recycling results in enormous energy savings - melting aluminium scraps requires 95% less energy than primary aluminium production.

Odporność na warunki atmosferyczne

Weather resistance

Properly processed profiles are resistant to corrosion, moisture, temperature changes and strong winds.

Oszczędność energii

Energy efficiency

The special design of profiles with thermal insulations ensures optimal interior temperature both in the summer and the winter and lower energy use.

Więcej światła

More light

Narrow aluminium profiles create slender structures; at large dimensions they make for subtle but stable frames.



Protection from burglary, resistance to fire.

Izolacja akustyczna

Sound reduction

High sound reduction ensures peaceful and quiet interior spaces.

Komfort użytkowania

Comfort of use

Despite their large dimensions, windows, doors and sliding doors are light and easy to use.

Niepowtarzalny design

Unique design

The ability to apply any colour coating (including wood effect), bicolour coating (different colours inside and outside), structural coating – a rough surface effect. Easy maintenance and cleaning of surfaces.

Nadawanie kształtu

Easily shaped

Aluminium may be shaped in any way, bent and formed in various geometric shapes without losing its mechanical properties.