Top aluminium door system

31 may 2023 | 1 min.

top aluminium door system

The Ponzio PE96HI panel door system has received the TOP Builder award for the most innovative product. The Ponzio PE96HI external door is a unique product on the European market, featuring advanced technical solutions. In addition to very good mechanical and durability parameters, it is characterised by the highest thermal insulation among all Ponzio door systems, and thanks to its exceptional weathering, modern design and outstanding aesthetics, it sets new standards for external doors.
Doors of this class are designed for residences and houses with high thermal insulation requirements (Ud as low as 0.67W/m2K). The door can be equipped with advanced hardware systems that may be connected and integrated with home management systems. Comprehensive solutions, attention to detail, many years of experience and numerous tests have led to the development of a range of panel door solutions with a special anti-bimetal solution, which allows the door hardware to function properly even with very large temperature differences. The doors operate smoothly and efficiently regardless of weather conditions.

  • high thermal insulation
  • solution against the bimetal effect
  • aesthetic solutions: flush surface of panel, frame and threshold; hardware adapted to the door design
  • very good mechanical parameters – smooth opening and closing
  • seamless functioning regardless of weather conditions
  • exceptional weathering