A three-cavity profile system designed for the construction of internal and external fire barriers.


  • innovative glazing method glazing beads only on one side - glass surface nearly level with profile face on the other side
  • shortened prefabrication and assembly times in comparison with two-glazing-bead systems
  • easier glazing with adjustable glazing supports
  • intumescent tape secured against detachment by special grooves
  • wide variety of possible door leaf designs
  • large dimension structures available
  • smoke control structures available
  • may be used for the construction of internal doors as exits and on evacuation routes
  • may be joined with EI30 and EI90 fire-resistant structures - identical profile depth (78 mm)
  • rozwiązanie objęte aktualną Klasyfikacją w zakresie odporności ogniowej i Krajową Oceną Techniczną

  • Aluminium profiles EN AW-6060 in acc. with EN 573-3, T66 temper in acc. with EN 515
  • Frame depth 78 mm
  • Leaf depth 78 mm
  • Filling fire resistant glass panes, IGUs: EN 1279-1, EN 1279-5, non-transparent panels: in acc. with the National Technical Assessment, fire resistance Classification; 37 - 62 mm
  • Sound reduction

    with 17 mm fire resistant glass pane: RA1 - 35 dB, RA2 - 35 dB, RW - 37 dB

  • Smoke control

    class Sa and S200 in acc. with EN 13501-2

  • National Technical Assessment

    ITB-KOT-2017/0351 - "PROCURAL PE78EI internal fire resistant and/or smoke control doors, fire resistant windows and internal and external fire resistant partitions kit made of aluminium profiles with thermal breaks"

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